The act of eating is so important to humans; it is a need that is essential to our survival. Food is a link to our mothers, our happy childhood memories, it is pleasure and sweetness, sharing and togetherness; it is an expression of love and it is life itself.

Therefore, not being able to eat in the manner we want and as much as we like is a terrible punishment for any human being.

Look around and ask yourself “Which businesses are thriving?” It’s obviously the food industry:  restaurants, snacks, fast-food and take-away outlets, bakeries, pizzerias, supermarkets, grocery stores, home deliveries, butchers, fishmongers, fruit and vegetable markets, cheese factories, delis, food trucks, food stalls, and much more. Everywhere you look, food seems to be a major preoccupation in our lives.

What’s for supper tonight, or where do we go for lunch? Should we make breakfast tomorrow? Where should we make the reservations this week-end? Do you feel like having a brunch? Shall we stop and grab a bite to eat after the movie? What do you want for take-out – pizza or sushi? Shall we have pancakes? Just like Mom’s home cooking, it’s what we say all the time, every day, it’s part of our daily routine.

Take away one of life’s greatest pleasures? Take from us that which gives us the most pleasure and is essential to life itself? It’s taking away our freedom; it’s a form of punishment, basically.

I didn’t want my nutritional program to come across as punishment for my clients, because I know from experience what that’s like. Having failed many restrictive diets myself, I wanted FREEDOM to be the key to my program, and because Smart and Light was designed to be respectful of your FREEDOM, it is a program that is both effective and sustainable.


The desire to eat what you want without restraint is a normal emotion. We should all have the freedom to eat as much as we like on this Earth. Animals also want to eat their fill and when they find food, that’s usually what they do, eat until they are full.

Weight loss plans which allow tiny portions or no eating between meals are absurd. Why leave the dinner table before we’ve had our fill only to suffer from hunger for the rest of the day? Of course, it’s not a good idea to eat snacks that are sweet or full of fat, but you shouldn’t be eating these types of foods during meals either.

At Smart and Light, we teach you how to eat and lose weight.  Eat when you like and as often as you feel the need.  We provide you with a long list of foods that can be eaten without limit during your 3 compulsory daily meals (morning, noon and evening), but also between meals, both day and night.

Why deny yourself, when the delicious foods found on our list can help you lose weight and help your body gain equilibrium? Why deny yourself this freedom and this joy?

There’s no reason to!  For example, if you just ate a copious meal, but half an hour later you feel like eating again, you can do it! There’s no reason not to, especially when you first start the program.  During the first few days, when your body hasn’t yet acclimatized to the program, it’s easy to get triggered by cravings for junk food.  Many of us have gotten into the habit of using food as a crutch, as a substitute for the powerful emotions that trigger us.  We feel powerless to avenge ourselves against someone who we feel has done us wrong, so we stuff ourselves to compensate.

Generally, my clients look at me with their eyes wide open and eyebrows raised during the first session when I insist they can eat as much as they like and as often as they wish. Some clients have confessed during their second session that they were convinced I was “pulling their leg”. They nearly all had the same defiant attitude, making it a point to stuff themselves as much as possible just to prove me wrong.  Yet, in spite of their best efforts to pack on the pounds, they simply can’t. Losing weight by eating as much as you like of nutritious, healthy foods, especially when they are well-prepared and appetizing, works every time. I’m sorry to tell you this, but you can eat and lose weight, by hook or by crook, if you follow my advice.


Although it may be counter-intuitive that you can eat your fill and still lose weight, this program does just the opposite of mainstream diet programs.

It took me many years of research before crafting a long and precious list of high-quality, nutritious foods. Eating only foods from this list allows you the freedom to eat as much as you like.

But, the list is there, it’s there for you, and it gives you access to an eating program where you never go hungry and have the freedom to eat as you please, well, almost.

Using foods from this miraculous list, you can prepare delicious starters, soups, sauces, cocktails, main dishes, desserts, and snacks that you and those close to you will never get tired of.

This is the key to success for our participants: eating as much and as often as they wish, wholesome, healthy food that is beautifully prepared. You will love this program and will never get bored with it.

Lose weight by eating as much as you want of healthy, delicious food: that’s what Smart and Light offers you, forever… Your long-term success is our goal and your health is our reward.