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All the advantages of the e-Learning program and coaching put together.

Lose weight with pleasure : drop 5 kg (10 lbs) per month while eating at will

Sophie Reverdie-learning

Never again need to look for help or a new diet

  • Gain 24/7 access to our easy and educational e-Learning tool, in order to start your 60-day transformational journey from wherever you are (see e-Learning)
  • Meet personally with Sophie Reverdi, founder of the Smart and Light program, during an intensive one-on-one coaching session in our cosy center in Paris, or by videconference via Skype.
  • Receive the “Smart and Light Program Logbook”, our 300-page illustrated guide book to the Smart and Light method, which has already helped thousands of readers in their transformation. Through a 100% natural method, the 60-day program accompanies the reader on many levels: behavior, nutrition, daily organisation (shopping, menus, recipes, etc.). This book, unique in its design, its content and its goals, has been conceived to give you the essential tools to achieve your healthy weight and never again need a diet or outside help to lose weight. Written by an ex-obese who overcame her overweight and successfully coached obese and overweight people for over 10 years, this method-guidebook aims to be friendly and stimulating, understanding of your situation, reassuring, and supportive.
  • Benefit at the end of the program of a detailed personal assessment of your physical and mental evolution, and the main lines to work on in order to maintain the good dynamic and continue your progress by yourself so as to achieve your healthy weight and stabilize it.



“I want to be coached”

I want to be coached by Sophie Reverdi at the Smart and Light center in Paris or by videoconference via Skype

Essential Coaching with Sophie   590

Start now*


* About 5 kg (10 lbs) for women and 7 kg (15 lbs) for men. Estimate according to most frequent results.