Naturopathic Medicine in Paris – in the Heart of the Metropolis. Is this a paradox?

Living in a large city like Paris, London, Sydney, New York or Tokyo, one often feels disconnected from nature. Because of the intensity of our urban lives, we tend to forget the scent of fresh-cut grass, the sound of birds singing and the calming shadow of trees in spite the large number of parks and gardens. Concrete, exhaust, public transport, take-out food and more. Everything alienates us from our true nature.

Jean-Paul Meunier, physician, chemical engineer, bio-nutritionist, internationally renowned naturotherapist, and winner of the National Order of Merit, has given us the immense honor of associating himself with the Smart and Light program and offering his considerable expertise, his precious know-how and his immense generosity of spirit.

Because he understands that the well-being of an individual is not only based on their diet, he works to profoundly rebalance and improve the general state of our participants during the period of transformation and for the long term.

These sessions, during which Jean-Paul, a caring, compassionate man, takes the time to study, to get to know and to properly evaluate the needs of our participants, takes place at the Smart and Light Center in Trocadero, at our clients’ homes, or outdoors for certain techniques when the sun shines on the capital city.

Depending on the needs of the participant, naturopathic medicine encompasses several different techniques, ranging from clean eating to positive thinking through various respiratory techniques, herbal medicines, massage, lymphatic drainage, hydrology, vibration techniques, or reflexology. When practiced daily, these techniques contribute to a long-lasting self-therapy that helps us to gain control of our body and our spirit.

Jean-Paul Meunier’s LifeStyle Coaching Program at the Smart and Light Center in Paris

Jean-Paul Meunier has no equal, an outstanding practitioner who, apart from his rich career, his many travels, and his grand human experience, can perhaps be qualified as a modern-day “sage”. His extra-sensory perception of the world and its inhabitants is what is referred to as a “holistic” vision. Jean-Paul is someone who takes the time to care for our participants and to deeply understand them at all levels, with warmth and empathy. For them, he becomes not only a therapist providing care, but an exemplary counselor who will teach them how to implement their own lifestyle changes, an obvious plus for the long term.

Remember that the goal of coaching, for us anyway, is to turn you into your own coach.

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine, also known as natural medicine, has its roots in ancient practices that date back thousands of years. Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, is now acknowledged by modern medicine and a large number of doctors today immerse themselves in its foundations and its philosophy. Today, the best-known example of holistic medicine is Chinese acupuncture, a practice which has been recognized by the academic world since 1950.

The World Health Organization recognizes these techniques as complements to traditional medicine. Given that the WHO is present almost everywhere in the world, it has not gone unnoticed that in many countries of the world these traditional medicines are indispensable, accessible, well-founded for the most part, and correspond to the vision and way of life of many populations.

We could also mention energy medicine and detoxification techniques since the idea behind these natural therapies is to eliminate toxins from the body and rebalance it in order to bring back its vital energy.

* In the United States, 57% of all women diagnosed with breast cancer resort to traditional allopathic medicine.

How the Sessions Work

First, Jean-Paul does a preliminary session which allows him to get a feel for and define the exact needs of the participant. He is then able to prepare an assessment and to determine which therapies are best suited to these needs.

Depending on the case, the sessions may incorporate various techniques ranging from different methods of detoxification to breathing techniques, from rebalancing to lymphatic and energetic drainage, from talk therapy to relaxation therapies, from self-hypnosis to massage, from reflexology (foot massage) to vibration massage techniques or yoga.

Following a treatment program with Jean-Paul is, above all, a natural way to heal and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The sessions are true learning experiences that will give you the tools and the knowledge you need to, once you return home, continue the process of “taking care of yourself” properly, of your life, of your body, so that you can enjoy the best possible health and function at the maximum level.

The Smart and Light program is a global, natural method to “learn how to lose weight” and take charge of your body, your mind and the foods you eat. Jean-Paul contributes his precious support providing a huge service to our participants. He offers them the lifestyle tools they need to manage themselves on a day-to-day basis, evaluate the importance of a healthy lifestyle and understand how to take care of themselves. Remember, we are all part of a whole, we should, therefore, be coherent, balanced and as close to nature and our true selves as possible to carry on with life and reproduce.