How do you lose weight naturally?

Losing weight naturally means adopting a certain philosophy of life and thought; one that allows you to lose weight and rebalance your body by NOT forcing it to consume, on a daily basis: toxic chemical products disguised as “food”, diet pills that supposedly help you “lose weight”, or meal replacements. It also means NOT undergoing dangerous and disabling operations. But losing weight naturally is also about adopting a healthier, more responsible, and less sedentary way of life. It’s all about our health, our survival, and that of our children.

What steps do you need to take to lose weight naturally? Many of these actions are detailed below:

1) First of all, you should be eating naturally and eating according to your physiology.

You should be eating only the foods that correspond to the nutritional needs of an overweight person; the foods that nature has provided to us in their natural form: unprocessed, without added chemicals, and which have not undergone any form of genetic modification. This mean you should be eating foods from ethical farming and livestock industries, foods from organic sources, or as close to it as possible, and raised without chemical fertilizers. Today, it is possible to find organic products easily, without going out of your way. Many supermarkets offer organic fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and eggs.  Ideally, it would be best to buy from true organic growers or fresh from the farm.  If that isn’t possible, you can at least try to eat as naturally as possible. However, eating naturally means never buying TV dinners or microwave meals and instead making your own home-cooked meals.

(***Foods that will help you lose weight are detailed at the end of this section before the conclusion.)

If you are what you eat, why would you want to transform your stomach into a chemical trashcan or a cemetery for suffering animals? The cells of the food you ingest undeniably affect your cells. Even in small doses, these toxic foods have very serious consequences on your health and are a source of degenerative diseases such as allergies and cancer among others, apart from obesity. You must become aware of the importance of what you eat. If your philosophy is to eat the cheapest foods, those that require the least amount of time to prepare or to stuff yourself on “junk food”, you expose yourself to all the dangers and traps of the food industry. In this case, you cannot blame anyone but yourself if you keep getting fatter and sicker. Nutritionists classify these so-called “foods” as “biocides,” because the chemical compounds contained within them destroy life. As you may agree, feeding ourselves while at the same time killing ourselves is not a very smart choice.

2) Don’t fall into the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetological, medical, or miracle diet product industry trap.

Obviously, if a simple pill could slim you down, we wouldn’t be so focused today on obesity and being overweight. There is even talk of human genetic mutation towards overweight and obesity. So no, despite the hundreds of attempts by the pharmaceutical industry and the millions of dollars spent by this criminal lobby to find this miraculous drug, it simply does not exist.

Sadly, the ruthlessness of these monstrous lobbies to convince us of the contrary allows certain chemicals to be commercialized without taking into account their danger to human health. “Médiator”, from Servier Laboratories, is a prime example of this. This drug is still making money for the company despite the several thousand deaths attributed to it not to mention many others who have been condemned to an early death.

Losing weight through the use of chemicals simply doesn’t work. The only miracle product out there is your own willingness to change certain aspects of your everyday behavior, change your outlook, and adopt a better course of action so that your body finds a healthier weight. This is the only thing which you can truly count on.

This mendacious industry which is the weight loss industry, amongst which I also include the pharmaceutical laboratories, is in cahoots with the vitamin companies and the food industry. First they poison us, then, they sell us the antidote. The weight loss market is expanding because so many people today are overweight and they all want to slim down, rapidly and without expending much effort. The weight loss industry takes advantage of this through every means possible.

*I have been working as a coach since 2005. People often ask me if I prescribe medication, even before I have time to explain what my coaching program consists of. Sometimes, I don’t even have a chance to explain what my program is about before people cut me off and walk away, disappointed. This doesn’t surprise me, though. Most people would prefer a miracle drug over having to make the most minute lifestyle change which would cause them to become actively involved in their own transformation process. So, to all those looking for an easy fix, I reiterate here: No, no, and no, I don’t give out any medicine, powders, miracle drinks, absurd fat-zapping products, food supplements, none of that. What I do, instead, is teach people who are overweight how to lose that weight and keep it off. That is what my work consists of. And I may not be a magician, but I think my method teaches simple, natural, logical, and easy lifestyle tools that you can use throughout your life. Instead of simply giving you a piece of fish, I teach you how to fish.

3) Don’t allow yourself to be seduced and fooled by all the new products being marketed every day by the weight loss industry.

If there are 365 days in a year, there are probably 365 new weight loss products being launched on the market that year, if not more.

None of these products really work, yet we get taken in every time. We hope that this new, revolutionary product will fix our weight issues once and for all. We spend without thinking about the expense, but at the end of the line, the only thing we lose is our money.

Today, you can find all manner of fat-reduction creams, detox drinks, diuretics, slimming teas, herbal concoctions that promise a flat belly, appetite suppressants, fat burners, laxatives, colon cleansers, weight loss patches, abdominal fat-burning belts, electrical stimulation, panty hose that absorbs the fat from your glutes, thighs, and calves, high-protein meal replacements, etc. And we haven’t even begun to mention the large number of diet soft drinks, cakes, candies, sweets, and snacks, etc. that we’re bombarded with from all sides. Wow, we need to buy it all to be absolutely certain that we haven’t forgotten that one essential thing that makes all the difference.

4) Losing weight naturally also means not falling into the clutches of the obesity and plastic surgery industries.

Today, the growing number of morbidly obese individuals in the world has opened the door to a new industry, that of weight loss surgery.

Thousands of operations are performed everywhere in the world, one after another. Gastric sleeves, gastric bypass, stomach stapling, gastric rings, etc.

I know this topic very well. Thirty years ago, I was the first French woman to go under the knife for vertical banded gastroplasty surgery, performed by the globally acclaimed and acknowledged inventor, Professor Edward E. Mason.  Professor Mason has successfully operated on over 30,000 patients.  I truly believe he saved my life and I say so in all my books.

However, weight loss surgery presents many risks, and only 5% of all cases have a successful outcome (defined as having lost all excess weight while maintaining general good health); a group among which I count myself.  Nevertheless, it is taxing for patients undergoing this surgery and the operation itself can be debilitating and lead to major, ongoing side effects. For example, I regurgitate meals on a regular basis, on average losing one out of every two meals ever since I had my operation 30 years ago.

Professor Edward E. Mason knows all this. Although he invented these procedures, he was quick to note the numerous problems linked with weight loss surgery. He is aware that today’s mass-market surgery industry has deviated considerably from the line of conduct established by his private clinic and at his practice at Iowa University & Clinics. He also recognizes the fact that most interventions being performed in this day and age have the look and feel of an assembly line.

Professor Mason did me the honor of writing two letters regarding how he felt about my Smart and Light program; letters which I proudly display on my websites.

Professor Edward E. Mason endorses my program, and confirms that my natural weight loss plans can help millions of overweight and obese individuals “obtain effective and safe help in learning how to live, eat, exercise and change their life style in ways that maintain a healthy body”.

I also received a letter from one of the first obesity surgeons in Tunisia, Dr. Ridha Mzabi. He later stopped performing weight loss surgery after successfully losing weight using my method. Dr. Ridha Mzabi’s letter can be found in my “Guest Book” or “What experts say”.

To close this subject, I would like to say that since my operation, my status has been monitored through an annual checkup, including a barium X-Ray. The gastric ring sits firmly in place and has never moved from its original position, not even one millimeter, and is as effective today as it was the day after the operation.

I can eat: ice cream, chocolate, candy, bread, jam, Nutella, fats, cakes and cookies, and drink sodas and alcohol as they all slide easily through the gastric ring as long as they are in liquid form. I do have issues with fruit and vegetable fiber and eating meat is a big problem for me. These foods may pass well as a puree, but rarely after simply chewing them, no matter how well I chew.

Let’s now examine “bypass” and “gastric sleeve” surgery, interventions which do not lead to vomiting or other uncomfortable side effects as food bypasses the stomach and goes directly from the esophagus to the small intestine. Unfortunately, this “bypass” does not allow for adequate nutritional absorption, patients become anemic due to a lack of vitamins, minerals, and all essential elements needed to keep the body healthy. I’m sure you get the picture.

The number of risks linked to these operations is staggering, not to mention the large number of complications which may arise after surgery. Some of my clients who have taken this approach have had serious problems. You can read some of their testimonies under cf/Charlotte Prieto. The media rarely mentions these types of complications, yet it seems like every night there’s a new TV documentary about these “miracle” surgeries and how they save lives. Granted, 5% experience lifetime weight loss, but what about the other 95%?

And what is natural about not being able to swallow much of anything or not being able to make use of any nutritious elements in the food we eat?  How can we honestly say that these are healthy and natural methods?

Foods that help you lose weight:

“Natural foods that help you lose weight” would be a more accurate title. What are they?

Since the beginning of this section we have been examining the concept of “losing weight naturally” and found that most of the weight loss programs being foisted upon us are not natural at all.

Let us now take a closer look at natural foods and how they can be used to lose excess weight.

To enjoy optimum health, we need to get back to our roots and return to the food of our ancestors, the first modern men known as “homo sapiens”, who first appeared on the planet 2.2 million years ago.

Our ancestors ate only foods in their natural state: the products of their hunting and fishing excursions and any wild plants they came across, such as vegetable bulbs and tubers and their sprouts. Unlike the mostly carnivorous Neanderthal man, we homosapians are genetically programmed to be omnivores; eaters of meat, fish and plants.

Before becoming farmers and ranchers, and well before evolving from that stage to the modern-day industrial stage, our Stone Age ancestors were mere hunter-gatherers who made no effort to transform their food in any way before eating it. They ate food in its rough, natural state; and even raw before they mastered fire. But one thing is certain, they were never obese!

Fast-forward a couple million years and the picture is entirely different. Obesity among the masses began about 150 years ago with a nascent food industry that was more interested in their profit margins than in producing quality, healthy food for the populace. And so, for the sake of convenience and to our detriment, we began incorporating these processed foods into our diet; ‘dead’ foods stripped of all their nutrients with chemical additives to preserve them well past the time they would otherwise spoil.

Processed foods are harmful, and that’s why we need to eat foods as close to their natural states as possible. By following this diet, homo sapiens successfully perpetuated for over two million years, maintained overall good health and never became an obese species until we forgot what ‘real’ food was.


Smart and Light’s list of foods is consistent with the diet of our ancestors. The following is a brief overview of our healthy eating plan.

Foods that can be eaten, without reserve:

Ethically-bred meat, poultry and fish (with the exception of pork, lamb and smoked salmon which all contain high amounts of fat):  These are recommended, and can be eaten in unlimited quantities provided they are prepared at home, without added fats and oils. Most fats and oils on the market today, such as butter, cooking oils, and margarines, have been transformed and, by this process, have been rendered toxic. Not only are most fats incompatible with weight loss, but they are also harmful to the bodies of overweight people. There are many natural cooking methods that do not need added fat: baking, wrapping in foil, steaming, grilling, barbecue, simmering in a soup, or even raw for advocates of that style of eating.  Use a non-stick pan with a small amount of added water or broth to replace the fat. Once you get back to a healthy weight, you can reintroduce some of these fats in very small quantities, except margarines as their fats have been chemically altered and have become “trans” fats, a very dangerous type of fat that wreaks havoc on the cardiovascular system, even for thin people.

* Smart and Light does not endorse the consumption of veal for reasons of morality and ethics.  The idea of killing baby animals, even if they are raised, fed and slaughtered in an ethical and responsible manner, goes against our thinking and our ethical standards. We are aware that with regard to poultry or fish it is more difficult to establish whether or not the animals were raised ethically. We do not condone the suffering of animals raised on factory farms in deplorable living conditions, or slaughtered without regard or respect for them or for the moral and physical suffering endured during the final moments of life. We do not want their suffering on our plates.

Seafood, such as scallops and shrimp, are acceptable food choices and are recommended as a part of the Smart and Light weight loss plan. However, you need to pay attention to where they’re sourced; don’t consume seafood sourced from fishing areas polluted by boats, toxic waste, sewage, or factories.

Eggs can also be a healthy natural food, when they are organic and very fresh. However, you need to limit the amount and the frequency at which they are eaten.

As for vegetables and grains, they are almost all compatible with a weight loss program apart from the starchy and sugary ones, such as potatoes, rice, corn or beets, etc. Legumes such as peas, lentils, and beans are also to be avoided during the first phase due to their high starch content.

We recommend that you eat fresh, organic vegetables as much as possible, unprocessed and without preservatives.  And, above all, avoid GMOs.

Dried fruit, very sweet fruits and tree nuts are not compatible with the program. Other types of fruit can be eaten every day, but in limited quantities during the weight loss phase of the program because of their high fructose content. Avocados and olives are not recommended because of their high fat content. Canned fruits should be avoided altogether. The ideal fruit for a weight loss program is lemon, followed by berries, kiwis and organic apples.

As with vegetables, we recommend the most organic produce available.

We strongly recommend using all spices, especially turmeric, cayenne, cloves, cumin, cinnamon, saffron, pepper and nutmeg which, apart from enhancing the flavor of your food, have certain medicinal properties and also stimulate weight loss.

Don’t be shy of using fresh herbs such as basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, lemongrass, bay leaf, sage, and coriander in your cooking; they provide extraordinary flavors to the your recipes as well as healthy benefits.

Of course, onions, shallots, ginger and garlic are welcome as well pickled vegetables such as gherkins or baby onions. All natural condiments and sauces can be used in cooking, such as vinegar, especially raw apple cider vinegar, and tamari, provided they do not contain fat or sugar, preservatives or MSG.

Foods that can be eaten, but in small amounts:

Organic dairy products with 0% fat can be tolerated, but in very small amounts on any given day. Generally, with the Smart and Light program, they are only used in desserts, which we feel are an important part of the plan so as to minimize frustration and avoid depression during a weight loss journey. However, beyond this function, we are not convinced that they are beneficial to humans, despite the dairy lobby’s propaganda regarding dairy’s high calcium content. In this day and age, more and more people are becoming intolerant to dairy and learn to live very well without it.

Whole-grain bread is also allowed, if absolutely necessary, but only in very small quantities and only if certified organic.  White bread is to be avoided at all costs as flour gets transformed into this sticky goo in the intestines and this is very harmful to humans. Whole-grain bread is a grain product that has been transformed by the hand of man, but, due to its high fiber content, it is better tolerated by the body. It is also lower in calories. However, as a growing number of gluten-sensitive and celiac sufferers can attest, it is entirely possible to live without any bread whatsoever, no matter what the form.
To replace sugar, the bane of our existence as humans, and the undisputed king of all that is processed and toxic, we recommend using Xylitol, a natural product which is extracted from birch bark that looks like and has a taste similar to confectioner’s sugar.


Losing weight naturally is to make a firm decision not to rely on some external miracle, but to gain control over your life and your very essence as a human being. Choose to take yourself in hand and you can’t help but lose weight successfully.