To successfully lose weight fast and keep it off, you need to adopt a healthy way of life and a wholesome, intelligent and balanced diet. Smart and Light was built on this model and follows the recommendations of the WHO on the subject.

Rapid weight loss is not a measure of success in itself and it can even be dangerous when carried to extremes. With Smart and Light, every overweight person can lose weight at their own pace and in complete safety, while aiming for the ultimate objective of any successful weight loss program, which is “to lose weight and never gain it back”.

Otherwise, what’s the point? Certainly, you can lose weight fast and any old way: by living off protein powders and insubstantial soups, running the risk of vitamin deficiencies by going on a hunger strike, or causing yourself to vomit after every meal, all that can work, but at what price? It is quite simply unacceptable and dangerous.

If your body is considerably overweight because you have fed it for too long with “bad fuel”, it will quickly offload its excess weight as soon as you offer it a healthy and balanced diet and a more dynamic and organized way of life.

People often ask me during the consultation: “How long will it take for me to lose the weight?”

I nearly always respond like this:

The average weight loss in this program is about 10 to 15 lbs a month for women and children, and for men it’s somewhere between 15 and 25 lbs a month. This is an average, and the exact amount can be higher or lower from one person to another, but how much weight you lose depends on you.”

“What do you mean it depends on me?” people generally say immediately afterward:

It means two things:

First of all, even though all the recommendations of the program may be followed to the letter, any individual person can lose less weight than the average, or perhaps more, because everyone’s metabolism is different.

The amount of weight lost depends on the way in which you follow, live and interpret the program.

You can follow it to the letter and only believe half of it, just as you can follow only half of it thinking that you’re already doing enough and that it will work anyway.

In either of these hypothetical cases, I may as well just tell you to do nothing at all!

I always tell my clients to start out on this program with a positive state of mind. Accept it as a gift, and not like strict regimen which dictates your every move. This is absolutely not the intention of the program.

If it took me 25 long years to share my Smart and Lite program with others, it was because I needed to make sure that not only is it effective and free of danger, but also that it is easy and accessible to anyone.


The dietary program evolves over the course of the first 6 weeks.

The program begins by eliminating all foods that have been shown to be problematic.  Then, with each passing week, the number of permissible foods is increased. This means  you have the pleasant surprise of adding a new food category every week; one which was absent the previous week.  Each week of the program is progressively easier than the previous one, and offers a wider variety of recipes.

Start by taking your measurements with a tape measure and write them down in your diet journal.  Repeat this at the start of each week of the program.


How many pounds can you lose in the first week?

Week 1 is the TURBO week: it is often different from the rest in that you can lose as much as 4 to 15 lbs! This happens because your body will be reacting to a healthier diet specifically tailored to the physiology of overweight people, and it will quickly shed the most recent weight that has been gained.

To be more precise, you can expect a weight loss of between 4 and 8 lbs for a woman or child over 10, and between 9 and 15 lbs for a man. But these are averages, and you can lose more or less depending on your metabolism and your lifestyle.

In any case, you’ll feel less bloated, less heavy, more energized, and this first week could even make you “euphoric”, which is an excellent motivator to continue with the program.

Please note that this first week can, in some cases, affect transit times.  You may experience slight constipation, or perhaps stools that are more runny than usual. While this normally doesn’t last much beyond the first week, you must remedy it immediately by consulting your family doctor who may prescribe “Senna”, a natural product, or another natural laxative to relieve your constipation, or another natural product (if possible) to bulk up your stools. These two scenarios are rare, but they can be explained by the fact that you are changing your way of eating by removing fatty foods and flours. These side effects can last until the body has become accustomed to the change, depending on the person’s metabolism. Although these transit issues may be rather inconvenient, they are not dangerous.

During Week #1, the focus is on establishing a new chemical process in the body as well as discovering a new way of eating and cooking; one which will be refined over the coming weeks. This first week is important on a physical level because it allows you to make the transition between “before” and “after”, and sets you on the path of change.  You must try to live life as joyfully as possible while at the same time recognizing that even if this program is a little less generous where food categories are concerned, it is still a wonderful way to lose weight. It gives you the chance to prepare delicious food, to reacquaint yourself with the taste of real cooking and fresh produce, to rediscover the joy of cooking,  and, finally, to devote more time to yourself as well as your family, as they will also benefit from these new habits.

Week #1 is also important on a mental level as it is the week of transition. You start hesitantly, without really knowing what to expect, as if setting out on a journey or an expedition. It is imperative in this first week to think about your goals and to get organized in order to be well-prepared for the next step of the process. You need to get things up and running, which means: making sure you have all the provisions you need, make timing to cook and stocking up on or freezing your meals, organizing your schedule to fit in three exercise sessions and, most important, to make time for yourself. During this first week you must make an effort to start doing all those things you’ve been neglecting as this will be crucial for the next part of the program.


Once again, the number of pounds lost in Week #2 will differ from person to person, but overall weight loss tends to be less marked than in Week #1.

The body has already received its instructions, and is adapting to your new diet and way of life. The chemical process in your body has changed, and the process of weight loss is under way. Your intestinal transit has found its balance and has adapted to your new diet. Don’t expect to achieve the same weight loss as in Week #1; in general it’s always less.  Week #2 will usually produce a weight loss of between 1 to 4 lbs.

But don’t panic; use your body measurements as a point of reference. Remember that the average weight loss is 11 lbs per month and this is the only statistic you should worry about.

Don’t turn this into a race against time; that would be pointless. The important thing is to lay down a good foundation, and the second week is the best time to do this. By now, you are becoming accustomed to the new lifestyle changes and you can allow yourself to slow down and take more time with everything. You do your shopping with more composure; you have organized your schedule to incorporate the new things you have to do and the compulsion to eat anything and everything has diminished. You realize that you have successfully made it through the most difficult week and that following a sensible weight loss plan is not so difficult after all. You are enjoying this new way of cooking and, from this week forward, your list of allowable foods gets longer.

The exercise sessions are doing you good, you are sleeping better, your breathing has improved, you move more easily, and your clothes fit more loosely. Your energy is increasing, your measurements are decreasing, everything is heading in the right direction, and you are beginning to see things in a much more relaxed way. The Smart and Light program has now become your own… you are in the process of changing, and you are aware of the benefits of this change.


The third week is one in which you are visibly aware of the changes. You may find that you have lost even more weight by the end of Week #3: between 1 to 2 lbs, maybe more. The body measurements you’ve been taking at the start of each week are also proof that the program is working.

Week #3 is usually the week in which those around you begin to notice the changes, both in your body and in your attitude. These changes are already visible: you are livelier, more toned, more radiant, far less depressed, stressed and tired, and you feel that you have regained real confidence in yourself and your power to change.

You can see that the Smart and Light program allows you to do almost anything you want, yet it is highly beneficial in improving the quality of your life. You have accepted that these changes were necessary in your life, and are convinced that you have made the right choice.  You feel in control of your life, your body and your diet. You have grown.

Your organizational skills are much better than at the start, you know how to shop and how to cook. The list of foods you’re allowed to eat has broadened, and you can even start eating out again. You have learned how to prepare your snacks, you take them with you everywhere you go, and you never feel the need to snack on junk food. The recipes have become more fun and varied, and desserts are once again a part of your life. All these rituals have now become simple: you are spending more time on yourself, your appearance and your well-being.

The exercise sessions are doing you a world of good; by now you wonder how you ever survived without them. Your body is more toned; you feel more strength in your movements and in your physical efforts. You are injecting joy and meaning back into your life…


Week #4 marks the end of the first stage and it’s time to celebrate your new way of life. By the end of Week #4, you should already have lost between 11 and 16 lbs.

For added motivation, I suggest you go to the supermarket, grab as many sticks of butter as it takes to match the weight you’ve lost, put them into your shopping cart, and then take a selfie!

By the end of the fourth week, your life will have changed. Of course, you’ve lost weight, but you also feel more youthful, more energetic and much happier. Above all, you know you’ve found new tools for a better life. You realize it wasn’t that difficult to make the change and that you haven’t suffered in any way or at any time during this first month of the program.

You know that you are gaining ground, and that from now on, there is nothing that can make you go back to where you started from.

This new way of living is becoming automatic for you as you develop better lifestyle habits. You no longer really have to work at or think about it and this new way of doing things seems normal now. Your clothes are becoming too big, and you’ve lost one or two sizes already. It’s time to sort through your clothes closet and do a bit of shopping.

Enjoy yourself: eat out at restaurants more often, get your hair done. Reward yourself for your efforts, which have been highly effective. Buy yourself a better-fitting tracksuit, trainers, dumbbells, and an exercise mat. Treat yourself to a spa or massage, you deserve it!

Your friends and family should be congratulating you, too! If this isn’t happening, don’t hold it against them. Not everyone sees things the way you do, and not everyone knows how to express themselves. Forgive them, and enjoy the way you feel. Those around you will eventually notice the change. But remind yourself that this is about you, your body, your life, your health, your well-being, your determination, your goals, and the weight that you alone carry.


Smart and Light was conceived for an 8-week time frame, because this is the length of time that is required to learn and incorporate the program into your everyday life.

The Smart and Light program isn’t a “diet”, everybody knows that I detest this word. Smart and Light is for learning to lose weight, and the 8 weeks of the program are used both to learn how to lose weight and to actually lose it at the same time.

By the end of Week #8, you should have lost between 22 and 33 lbs.

This is absolutely fantastic. Perhaps you don’t need to lose any more, or you may find that you have further to go. But from now on you’ll know exactly how to do it.

Week #6 was the reference week for the program, and you must keep following the recommendations given in Week #6 until you reach your healthy weight. This will take however much time as is necessary, but you will get there.  In the meantime, you continue to lose between 10 to 15 lbs a month. This is all you need to know as far as your weight is concerned.

Make sure you continue to keep track of your body measurements.

Don’t give up the workouts; they are now a part of your new, balanced lifestyle.

Although you’ve lost quite a few pounds, you have gained and learned a lot. You’re now able to act as your own coach, because the Smart and Light program has been tailored to your needs and you have learned everything you need to know to follow this action plan.  You don’t need a coach anymore; now it’s up to you. You’ll be in charge of the program, your life, your cooking, your body, and your mind. You can fly with your own wings now, and that in itself is a new beginning. You must become self-sufficient; from now on you hold all the keys.

You’re free to finish off and refine this journey that we’ve started together.

If you are following the program, I say, “Well done!” For those who haven’t started yet, know that the exceptional set of weight loss tools in this Smart and Light program can help you lose between 22 and 33 lbs in as little as 8 weeks under the best possible conditions, without danger,  and without any frustration or hunger.  That’s the Smart and Light promise.