What the doctors think about Smart and Light program

Albert Chocron

Albert Chocron

Nutritionist in Paris, France

Dr. Albert chocron was born in fes, morocco in 1949 but eventually settled in paris.

For the last 20 years, he has enjoyed the prestige of being the most sought-after nutritionist in international show biz circles. His infallible weight-loss method helps patients shed excess weight in a healthy and balanced way, while enjoying themselves at the same time. Scientifically speaking, dr. Chocron´s method has proven to be an excellent way to settle and minimize the risks of cardiovascular complications, hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), high cholesterol levels, auto-immune diseases attacking the joints, and sleep apnea.

Dr. Chocron is a specialist in cardiology, pediatrics, rheumatology, oncology, and nutrition. He has recently been appointed president of the moroccan scientific committee.

Sophie Reverdi’s innovative idea

When I first met Sophie Reverdi, in 2001, she was having problems losing the 80 pounds she gained while she was pregnant with twins. I had her follow my diet plan and within a few months she had lost all her excess weight. She was amazed by the results.

Sophie confided to me that she had tried many diets in the past which were not a good fit for her personality as an obese woman. She felt that mine was, by far, the eating plan best suited to what she refers to as a “particular” personality. She revealed to me the story of her lifetime struggle with obesity and her desire to help others suffering from this condition.

After she explained her concept to me, I was immediately struck by her innovative idea: combining an attractive, balanced and healthy diet with a coaching method that encourages and motivates overweight patients. Moreover, I found her idea of preparing gastronomic recipes out of the permitted list of foods to be an excellent one.

I have been following the evolution of Smart and Light closely and am delighted that such a beneficial program could finally see the light of day. I believe many people struggling with overweight and obesity have been waiting for such a program. I admire the fact that Sophie was able to turn her years of suffering into a weight-loss program that is both effective and lays a firm foundation for tangible results, therapeutically speaking.


The Logbook: The Essence of the SMART AND LIGHT Philosophy

The logbook not only shows readers the right path to take but also invites them to reflect upon their own unique situation as an individual suffering from obesity. The personal journal section is particular touching as it demonstrates the many different hardships overweight people must overcome at each stage of their transformation until the moment when they finally achieve the weight-loss goal and body image they’ve been longing for.

The Smart and Light program includes one-on-one coaching in which various topics such as understanding how food is metabolized, basic dietary principles, the basic structure of the eating plan, healthy cooking techniques, and the benefits of coaching are explored.

Sophie plans to expand Smart and Light’s sphere of activities to produce “nutritious gourmet meals” for supermarkets, school cafeterias, and home delivery as well as establishing a series of restaurants under the same brand to offer these meals at a reasonable price. When we consider the World Health Organization’s alarming forecast in respect to the increase of obesity in the population, it is apparent that a well-thought-out concept such as the Smart and Light program is worthy of the highest recommendation.

I wholeheartedly wish success to Sophie and the Smart and Light team and am delighted to be a firm and committed supporter.

Richard Dian

Richard Dian

Cardiologist in Paris

A parisian cardiologist born in tunis, dr. Richard dian has been practicing at the alleray-labrousse clinic for twenty-five years. The clinic is the largest private cardiology and rythmology center in paris. He is also a consultant at the st. Felicity maternity clinic, where he specializes in the cardiovascular problems faced by many pregnant women.

The Obesity Pandemic Spreads

In France, health authorities are launching the third national prevention plan to combat obesity. Despite the efforts of educational and medical personnel, not to mention the media, the problem continues to get worse. The same situation holds true at the international level. Though starvation is rampant in some parts of the globe, the obesity crisis continues to spread. Obesity, as a disease, depends more on a lack of essential nutrients than on the total quantity of food consumed.

The Costs and Consequences of this Scourge

In rich countries, the prevalence of obesity is inversely proportional to income or social status, and emerging economies are no longer spared. Once we understand the costs of this scourge on the overall health expenditure, it is plain to see that this fight is a public health issue on a human, individual, and economic level. It is important to support an initiative based on the teaching of good dietary habits. The Smart and Light concept, for example, is a good choice in this regard.

Smart and Light is a method that goes beyond an effective diet plan. Its philosophy promotes individual awareness and each case becomes an example in its own regard. I am pleased to work with Sophie Reverdi in the elaboration of such a program.

Khemaïs Nagati

Khemaïs Nagati

Professor, specialist of diabetes

A tunisian specialist in metabolic and endocrine diseases (diabetes, nutrition, obesity), professor nagati became the head of the nutrition and diabetes service at the national institute of nutrition, tunis, after which he became chairman of the scientific committee of this same institute. Dr. Nagati is the organizer of the 1st maghreb lecture on epidemiology and bio-statistics applied to diabetes as well as the founder of the pan-african diabetes study group. Over the past decade, he has been organizing and financing summer day camps for diabetic children. Passionate about helping the obese individuals and those suffering from diabetes, he presides over virtually all foundations associated with the disease in his country. He is now chairman of the tunisian association of nutritional sciences.

Dangerous, Aggressive and Costly Methods to Counter a Rapidly Growing Obesity Epidemic

In the past, the medical world and society in general were preoccupied with malnutrition and the toll its health consequences took on social and economic development in most African, Asian, and South American countries. This was also the case as late as the early 80s. However, rapid urbanization, sedentary lifestyles, and increased food production have led to a new set of health problems. At the forefront of these are the emergence and rapid increase of overweight and obesity, conditions which were once regarded as indicators of good health and social success. Overweight and obesity have led to a transition of epidemic proportions manifested by a high prevalence of chronic non-transmissible diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardio-vascular disease, and cancer.

Obese people often become predisposed to these diseases which lead to a deterioration in the quality of life, increased health expenditures, and may even progress to physical and functional disabilities. The medical community, surprised by the large number of people now suffering from obesity and well aware of the links between this condition and future health problems, has been attempting to curb the skyrocketing number of cases, sometimes by using aggressive, costly and dangerous methods. “Experts” of all kinds are prescribing different diets with no consideration for other factors which may contribute to the onset and worsening of obesity. Population studies, among which are included a large number of obese people, must recognize the limits of any particular diet as obesity is often associated with various psychological disorders, a feeling of failure, a sense of powerlessness, and ultimately giving up on any medical prescriptions. The meager results obtained with most weight-loss diets are not proportional to the effort put into them and the deprivations one must endure.

With Sophie Reverdi, I was Presented with a New Way

During an obesity conference in Zarzis, Sophie and Jana, two former sufferers of obesity, told me about a new alternative to the therapeutic approaches traditionally offered to our obese patients. I was struck by the originality of the Smart and Light program, especially by the idea of a totally supervised personal care plan for people suffering from obesity, a plan that included the sum of Sophie and Jana’s own experiences as formerly obese women (overeating, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of self-confidence, and sometimes even social and professional marginalization).

Smart and Light: Far from Deprivation

The Smart and Light program of seminars takes place under pleasant conditions and provides comprehensive nutritional information based on accurate scientific evidence. What is most attractive about this dietary program is the fact that, without any form of weaning or deprivation, it focuses on the renewal and the development of the self, something which is often neglected by individuals carrying excess weight. The program promotes moderate physical activity with gentle exercises that are adapted to the rhythm of overweight people. In short, Smart and Light is a program which revolves around the recovery of the self and is an invitation to the participant to make progress in their own personal fight against obesity in order to prevent its consequences.

The Smart and Light Program Under the Microscope

The clarity of its objectives and the progression of the Smart and Light program are viewed under the microscope of close supervision and follow-up. The logbook, rich in information, allows participants to start and/or follow the program at home. It provides unbiased and useful feedback that helps ensure continuity and proper evaluation of the program’s objectives. It is best to start slow and ensure gradual medium and long-term weight loss rather than suffer in vain. This, in my opinion, is the greatest quality of the Smart and Light program.

Ridha Kechrid

Ridha Kechrid

Cardiologist, Pharmacologist, ex-Minister of Health in Tunisia

Doctor Ridha Kechrid is specialized in cardiology and pharmacology. He became interested in the healthy management of health costs, the rational use of medication, and the prevention of chronic diseases, specifically cardiovascular problems and diabetes. He is one of the first doctors to have understood the benefits of the “Smart and Light” program, and has been a constant support to Sophie Reverdi and the program since 2005. Doctor Ridha Kechrid also suggested that Sophie find a more financially accessible means to her method, and thus played a part in the idea that was to become the Smart and Light e-Learning program.

Edward E. Mason

Edward E. Mason

Professor Emeritus of Surgery
Department of Surgery
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Professor edward mason is best known as the “father of obesity surgery”. He began performing gastric bypass surgery in 1966 and vertical banded gastroplasty surgery in 1980. Mason was instrumental in establishing the american society of bariatric surgery and the international bariatric surgery registry. The registry, which mason continues to direct, maintains a database of more than 30,000 patients. Since his first surgery, several hundred thousand people worldwide have received bariatric surgeries.

Thirty years ago, professor edward mason performed a vertical banded gastroplasty surgery on sophie reverdi, the first french woman to undergo the procedure.

Letter from Dr. Mason to Sophie Reverdi

Below is a letter of encouragement written by Professor Mason to Sophie Reverdi in 2011 in which he endorses her program as a safe and efficient alternative to other, more drastic methods of treating obesity.
Dr. Edward E. Mason Retired Professor of Surgery Developer of Obesity Surgery
University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics Iowa City, Iowa
January 1, 2011
Mrs. Sophie REVERDI, Manager Smart and Light Company Tunis

Dear Mrs. REVERDI,
You came to Boston from Paris with your parents to meet me when I was lecturing at a meeting there and we all met at my hotel to talk about your weight and an operation I developed for treatment of obesity. Your parents were concerned about such a major operation for someone your age.
After further discussion at home you came to Iowa City with your father and had a vertical banded gastroplasty, which reduced the size of the upper stomach. This was an operation that I developed in 1980. It did not bypass any of your digestive tract like gastric bypass, an operation for treatment of obesity that I developed in 1966. You returned for follow-up at increasing lengths of time for a number of years until I retired from surgery in 1991.
You have used your experience with treatment of obesity with diets, exercise, counseling and vertical banded gastroplasty in helping other people who have been unable to reduce their weight and to maintain a more normal weight. Your success in helping people is evident from the photographs taken before and after your care.
Your method of care is of special interest to me as there are so many millions of people worldwide that it is not possible for all of them to obtain treatment. It is necessary that as many as possible obtain effective and safe help in learning how to live, eat, exercise and change their life style in ways that maintain a healthy body. I look forward to continued information about your work and success.
With Best Regards,
Edward E. Mason MD, PhD

More recently, Dr. Mason sent the following communication

Dear Sophie

You are one of my most successful patients no doubt due to your knowledge of nutrition and living habits which you are passing on to others who have struggled with an excessive weight. The world we live in needs more like you.

I am surprised that Smart and Light is not very much used wherever it is available. You know the difficult life of severe obesity. You came to me for an operation to reduce your weight and had an excellent result. You learned that some people need more than an operation and developed a program that can help without an operation but also it helps those patients who need training and guidance after an operation for obesity.

Your program provides advise that 20 years of Smart and Light obtained from your experience and great skill and effort. I am 94 years old now and I am still writing to surgeons about my experience of 70 years. Keep helping all that seek your help. Your work will work for you if you just keep providing and explaining. Thank you for devoting your life to helping these people who became obese and need your kind of help either with or without an operation. Thank you for your devotion to spreading the messages available in your own personal experience and success with severe obesity.

Edward E. Mason, A Retired Surgeon Designer of Operations for Obesity.