In the beginning, there was the earth and men and what men needed to feed themselves; it was what nature had to offer them: its fruits, its vegetables, its seeds, meat and fish. Thus from generation to generation, humanity could live and survive. But today times have changed, and it is what we eat and how we eat that kills us.

New technologies and tools, manufacturing processes, and especially economic interests of food industry lobbies – humanity is the victim of all of them. Overconsumption, overproduction, GMO´s, by-products of by-products and more by-products, chemical meal substitutes, both colorless and tasteless, lifeless products, requiring in their conception new cooking utensils, disintegrating the last living molecule, but so fast and practical.

It is obvious that at this rate, everything will happen very quickly. Conversely and to gain the antidote market in the process, the food-processing industry and pharmaceutical industry have morphed into the slimming industry, and invaded us with false miracle cures; slimming creams that destroy all at once cellulite, fat, and stretch marks, a true miracle; or desiccated and tasteless soups, that we eat at every meal for 7 days, to finally succumb to the first chocolate pastry we find, so huge is our frustration.

The slimming industry is at the foundation of this new economic slavery that has turned human flesh into a source of profit. And the devastating forecasts are most alarming. Surreal figure of 100% obesity in the USA, and in 30 years, the rest of the world. This is the fate of humanity, the fate of our children. We are on the eve of an irrevocable mutation – a planet of the obese, where most individuals will probably not pass the age of 35.

Worse than all epidemics, worse than all plagues in the history of humanity, worse than the greatest nuclear attack, and yet we are going this way serenely, without protest or reaction. This is about our fate, our lives, and those of our children. If today, you were told to change direction, because if not, in 20 years, you would all die of cyanide poisoning, would this wake your conscience?

Time is running out. It is necessary to change gears and slow down, to take control, to become vigilant, to mobilize, to get ourselves involved, together, in order to avoid making the greatest collective suicide of all times.