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Sophie Reverdi, finding oneself through the pleasures of the senses

Themes of our conferences

Experimental, joyful, sensory, practical, unforgettable…

  • Obesity and Overweight are not Inevitable
  • Transforming our Circumstances into Achievements
  • Losing weight Ethically, Intelligently and Delightfully

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Learn and discover with pleasure

All our conferences end with a tasting of our best recipes of gastronomic, dietetic and organic  cuisine.

Context, facts and numbers

The heavy costs of overweight and obesity.


Overweight and obesity touch children, women and men not only physically through numerous diseases, but psychically : they are, often affected with sadness, daily difficulties, negative judgment from others, and many more complications on many levels. Once serious overweight settles in, our personal, familial, social, and professional lives can all suddenly put us in a position of failure.

Today, there are in the world 2.3 billion overweight people, and 700 millions of these are obese. Obesity is the first cause of mortality in the world today, before any other disease, before famine, war, car accidents… The World Health Organisation (WHO) calls it the first non-contagious human  epidemic. People talk of the genetic mutation of humanity towards obesity as long as the epidemic runs rampant. This is an unprecedented sanitary catastrophe. But obesity also has a heavy financial cost on a global scale that weighs heavily on governments – hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

This plague has disatrous consequences on companies : absenteeism, reduced productivity from a fragile health, slower execution of tasks. In the USA, a study by Duke National University has shown that overweight costs are equivalent to the employment of 1.8 million people per year with a salary of $42,000. Many companies take this very seriously, of course. Some even employ dubious strategies such as covering the costs of weight loss medication (mostly ineffective and fraught with sometimes dangerous side effects), or even bariatric surgery (high risk of complications or relapse). Prevention programs are also often sought after, which is the ideal solution – but only if the program is actually educational, convincing and effective.

In 2008, the estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the United States. was $147 billion U.S. dollars. The medical costs for obese people was $1,429 higher than those of normal weight.

Today, with the socio-economic context, with higher unemployment, financial insecurity, and other factors, push us to choose ever more economical – even cheap – foods that are also easier to consume (processed, pre-cooked). These foods are by far, and nearly universally, less healthy. Access to gyms can be costly, and any physical activity takes time which sometimes seems like a luxury.

Who is Sophie and what can she actually do for you?

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Sophie Reverdi was born in Paris in 1964, holds a BA in philosophy and graduated from Cornell in hospital management. She loves and praises the precious gift of life, despite difficult personal circumstances she managed to overcome by yourself. Sophie has infinite faith in the human potential to change, and dreams of alleviating the suffering of all those she meets, by inspiring them with this essential notion.

A woman of passion and action, she worked in hospitals, where she faced much physical and psychological suffering, including of those with dietary restrictions related to specific conditions. She attached particular importance to this, because of her love for good food, but also her past as an obese child, who had long been forced to follow harsh diets.

She wanted to understand and learn how to improve the lives of those who must forego everything.

At 23, she opened and ran a sumptuous restaurant of French cuisine in Brussels, which was to become her first experimental laboratory in cooking. Her goal: to achieve a deliciously tasty and gourmet cuisine that she wanted to healthy, dietary and organic all at once. The restaurant was quoted in the Gault & Milau.

Afterwards, she worked for one of America’s leading health and wellness companies and discovered among other things, the instruments she seeked to better share her ideas: coaching.

At 37, after devoting a few years to her two sons and the career of her composer husband, she returned spontaneously to her original purpose, and began developing a project she dreamed of since childhood: Smart and Light.

Sophie was requested in 2004 by the Tunisian health authorities, which had echoes of her work, and created Smart and Light in Tunisia in collaboration with leading experts in nutrition. She managed to rally to her cause, through her enthusiasm, vision and results, the most eminent specialists in the matter, even beyond the shores of the Mediterranean.

Her program upsets all the fundamentals of nutrition, but is so adapted to the personality and needs of those who know the problems of overweight and obesity, the results were a staggering success. Neither drugs nor surgery, supplements nor substitutes, are promoted, but simply a personal reorganisation of lifestyle and eating habits based on the senses, and the potential that we all have to change. The words “calories”, “weighing”, “forbidden foods”, “carbohydrates”, “fat”, “protein”, “BMI” are not mentioned … The concepts of hunger, deprivation, frustration, and solitude, are not accepted.

The Smart and Light universe is a world of sweetness, a cottonous and benevolent cocoon, which enabled over 1,500 people to regain their healthy weight, and the control of their lives.

Author of 2 books and an educational e-learning website

Le Logbook

In 2004, Sophie published her first edition of the Logbook : Learn to lose weight and become your own coach, which she handed out to all the participants in her program, and which contains the essence of her reflexions and her research over 20 years. The book is as much a motiovational bedside book as it is a cookbook, revealing the secrets of a delicious yet dietetic and easy to prepare cuisine that can be eaten at will, on a journey of joy, serenity and satisfaction of the senses towards a new self.

Michèle Fitoussi, then editorial writer at Elle Magazine France, agreed to preface the book after having read it.

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You immediately feel like talking to her (…)

Sophie told me about her career, her coming to Tunisia, her struggle as a former obese person. I could not believe my eyes: this beautiful girl was obese? “Yes”, Sophie replied with pride, “And I lost weight.”

She handed me the Logbook before I left and I read it that night. Reading this small book, I learnt more about the torments of being obese than I could find in any other book. How it begins since early childhood, the raids on the fridge, the obsession of the mouth full of food, the taut belly ready to burst, the food gulped endlessly without hunger, self-destructively, the mind focused on a single thought, dedicated to a single task: to swallow, to sustain, to guzzle, to gobble, to gormandize, to have the desire to die once everything is over. (…)”

The new 2015 edition of the Smart and Light Logbook is now available in English on Amazon here.

Obesity or the Disease seen from Within

In 2007, a major publishing company asked her to write a second book, “Obesity or the Disease Seen from within” which was the first of a new collection about “Health and personal experience” with people who have overcome their condition.



Here is an excerpt of what Mrs Skandrani, Sophie Reverdi’s publisher, daughter of one of the largest Tunisian doctors, and herself a notorious figure and activist for democracy and women’s rights, wrote in her preface :

“Sophie Reverdi, whom I met in a friendly encounter of artists and people of culture, and who is an unusual woman, has the honor of starting this collection. In speaking with her, I knew she had a lot to transmit, and a lot of love for others… I was charmed by her inner richness and generosity, impressed by her background and her dynamism. In a word, I found in her a woman with an animus (in the sense of heart and courage) and an anima (in the sense of soul).

It is a book that speaks to the reader, because it is full of the passion of its author. She is a soul full of life, a dynamic body that moves, and finally a person in the full sense of the word, far from being idle, a person who creates… Her experience in various fields, philosophy, health, food, film, are all encompassed in the nets of her writing.”

Smart and Light e-Learning, the educational online learning program

In 2010, Sophie decided to compile her years of coaching, and starting on the creation of an  e-learning program to learn to lose weight, from home. 180 video tutorials were shot for coaching, cooking, and sport. The program is very complete and includes hundreds of extra bits of advice, all conceived and organised so as to maximise effectiveness, enjoyment and success. It aims to give the user the power to become his or her own coach, autonomous in her management of weight and weight loss.

e-Learning | smartandlight.com

Conferences, symposiums, personal live coaching, and seminars.

Throughout her career, Sophie Reverdi has never stopped improving her techniques in order to make them accessible to everyone. Her books, like her e-Learning program, are available in English and French – and hopefully soon, in many more languages.

She has spoken at numerous conferences at the side of eminent specialists, on the subjects of overweight and obesity. She has also organised many seminar retreats in lovely hotels, always with similar themes, taking care that participants would experience a rich sensory event through gastronomic yet dietary buffets to be enjoyed at will. This is very important as a motivational tool to achieve success. Many of her conferences are concluded with a tasting buffet, letting participants understand immediately that adopting change is in fact within easy reach.

Now in Paris for the past three years, near the Trocadero, Sophie continues to personally accompany participants with her personal behavioral coaching, surrounded by a team of expert coaches that each bring their specialty, all indispensable tools in the Smart and Light program.

CuisineBenjamin le Moal is a young and talented chef from the prestigious Ferrandi school of French gastronomy; he gives lessons of fabulous dietary cuisine, proposes tastings, and also prepares in his cooking lab great Lunchboxes and Snackboxes for Smart and Light clients and Paris-based companies that want to order intelligent, tasty and ethical meals. Benjamin also offers classes at home, brunches, and light brunches with his own team of chefs.

CorpsMohamed Khatiri is an boxing ex-champion. He invents tasteful and fun sessions of soft reinitiation to sport. He is passionate of others, and offers unique and delightful sessions in order to rediscover the joys of exercise and of the body in movement. He also improvises sessions in beautiful parisian parks or other places of interest, such the nearby Esplanade du Trocadéro, the Seine quays, or even at the client’s home.

RelookingFlavien Milon is one of Paris’ specialist in image counseling, and number two at the office of Christina Cordula. He brings all his good humor, charm, and positive energy in the accompaniment of clients, in order to give them the desire, right from the start of the program, to reveal themselves anew, to find their style, to stop hiding themselves, and to love themselves.

LifestyleJean-Paul Meunier is one of the foremost specialists of organic nutrition and alternative medicine  in France. He gives out great advice , and offers sessions of detox and lifestyle coaching in our center or at home. Jean-Paul’s coaching is aimed at bringing about a definitive awareness of the importance of living more healthfully, and the teaching of auto-coaching techniques to practice daily, in order to live more serenely and with more self-respect.

Coaching avec SophieThe entire Smart and Light team can participate in the conference-workshops for companies, or in seminar retreats for clients. See our Seminar Retreats in Paris or abroad. See our Seminar-retreats in Paris or abroad.

Sophie Reverdi - conférence Smart and Light ParisSophie Reverdi en conférence

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Conférence Smart and Light Tunisia

What the doctors say

Professor Khémaïs Nagati

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A tunisian specialist in metabolic and endocrine diseases (diabetes, nutrition, obesity), professor nagati became the head of the nutrition and diabetes service at the national institute of nutrition, tunis, after which he became chairman of the scientific committee of this same institute. Dr. Nagati is the organizer of the 1st maghreb lecture on epidemiology and bio-statistics applied to diabetes as well as the founder of the pan-african diabetes study group. Over the past decade, he has been organizing and financing summer day camps for diabetic children. Passionate about helping the obese individuals and those suffering from diabetes, he presides over virtually all foundations associated with the disease in his country. He is now chairman of the tunisian association of nutritional sciences.


During an obesity conference in Zarzis, Sophie and Jana, two former sufferers of obesity, told me about a new alternative to the therapeutic approaches traditionally offered to our obese patients. I was struck by the originality of the Smart and Light program, especially by the idea of a totally supervised personal care plan for people suffering from obesity, a plan that included the sum of Sophie and Jana’s own experiences as formerly obese women (overeating, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of self-confidence, and sometimes even social and professional marginalization).

The Smart and Light program of seminars takes place under pleasant conditions and provides comprehensive nutritional information based on accurate scientific evidence. What is most attractive about this dietary program is the fact that, without any form of weaning or deprivation, it focuses on the renewal and the development of the self, something which is often neglected by individuals carrying excess weight. The program promotes moderate physical activity with gentle exercises that are adapted to the rhythm of overweight people. In short, Smart and Light is a program which revolves around the recovery of the self and is an invitation to the participant to make progress in their own personal fight against obesity in order to prevent its consequences.

The clarity of its objectives and the progression of the Smart and Light program are viewed under the microscope of close supervision and follow-up. The logbook, rich in information, allows participants to start and/or follow the program at home. It provides unbiased and useful feedback that helps ensure continuity and proper evaluation of the program’s objectives. It is best to start slow and ensure gradual medium and long-term weight loss rather than suffer in vain. This, in my opinion, is the greatest quality of the Smart and Light program.”

See our other medical endorsements and client testimonials.

Sophie’s mentors

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Shay had a passion for business at a young age and started his own business at the age of 24.

By the time he was 35 he was financially independent. He is the owner of shares in many public and private companies and owns a property portfolio spanning the globe. He is now semi retired at the age of 48 and lives in Monaco with his wife and two young sons.

Shay still keeps connected with all of his business interests on a daily basis to keep his brain active and alive but at his chosen pace. Shay is an advocate of healthy living, eating a healthy diet every day. Shay also practises yoga to keep his mind and body in the best possible shape.

A word by Shay O’Brien

“I have known Sophie for many years now… probably more than I care to think about, only because time goes so quickly, but I know it is getting close to 20 years. She is definitely one of those individuals you meet on this wonderful planet that stands out as someone who wants to get the most out of this incredible life. She is brave and courageous and is truly a global “warrior”. What I mean is she sees the whole world as her home and will go wherever is required to go to meet her goals and expectations. Whether it’s New York, Brussels Milan, Tunisia, London or beyond.

I have been very interested and excited to follow right from the very beginning the growth and success of Smart and Light. Sophie introduced me to Smart and Light on day one. Her goals and aspirations were also centered around helping people and make their goal of weight loss an easy transition.

But also to enrich her clients’ life with their new found confidence and happiness. Weight loss can be a difficult journey and it needs a guiding hand from someone who has already walked this sometimes troubled road to happiness. Sophie is that person.

I also had to smile that the food involved is not some boring, tasteless selection but the finest tasting food we could ever imagine eating. Sophie’s background as a restaurant owner would not allow her to offer anything less than the spectacular. And this food selection is the reason for so many people to achieve these unbelievable weight loss goals.

Why. Because they start to eat tastier food than ever before by following these incredible dishes and meals. So the individual is actually eating nicer food that is nutritious and fortifying, but most importantly for the continuation of the program, IT TASTES AMAZING. So it comes as no surprise to me that Sophie as gone on to great acclaim with this program and one thing I know is that if you truly want to change your life for the better Sophie is a woman you should listen to. Why. Because you are following a path of one of the worlds great individuals who has been through every emotion to get to where she is today. She knows what you need!!

Good luck.

The hardest part is to start.”

Françoise Courvalin

Françoise Courvalin coached Sophie in starting her business, from day one, and she is incontestably the godmother of the project.



After having long worked as a financial director of the group “Le Bon Marché” in Paris, Francoise Courvalin realized that none of the members of personnel were working in a position appropriate for them, but were in situations of over-qualification, under-qualification, technical ignorance, and misuse of human potential.

This situation bothered her and she founded CAPS AVENIR France. She is the mother of professional reconversion, return to employment, and skill assessment in France. Designer, for the ANPE (France’s largest employment agency), of large projects of support and accompaniment for business people and creators of innovative projects, Françoise is also part of the commission of the European Development Fund.

An excerpt from Françoise Courvalin :

“She is like these women full of ideas, ideals, projects, enthusiasm, fervor, who are certain that they will bring to others “a little something” that will make life more livable.

Sophie knows, now that she has arrived at the phase of concretization, that, among the many projects that have lived inside her when she came to find me, almost 2 years ago, Smart and Light was the good one. The gestation period was no easy road, and how many doubts cropped up!!!

The way was not easy; the merit is hers, and hers alone. This incredible adventure of the “small idea of a mere slip of a woman” takes shape today, and I am proud to have been the “chisel, ink, and test-tube…”

It is her pugnacity, her persuasion, her quiet softness and her indomitable willpower that made Smart and Light the innovating concept of better quality of life, full of hope for a great number of men, women, and especially children.”

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