Lose weight with your own sports coach in Paris, and see Parisian life from a different perspective

The city of Paris has an important role in the world of sport. Many international sports associations began there. Palm game, the precursor of modern-day tennis, the game of tennis itself, horse racing, soccer, cycling, and other popular sports activities had their heyday in France’s capital city. In fact, the term “coaching”, used everywhere these days to refer to support or educational guidance, was born on a tennis court.

Parisians love sports of all kinds. Increasing numbers of residents are likely to enjoy the beauty of the Bois de Boulogne and Vincennes, take a stroll through the Luxembourg and Tuileries gardens, or visit Monceau, Montsouris or Buttes-Chaumont parks for a bit of jogging or a family outing on foot or by bicycle.

Today, having “your” personal trainer in Paris is no longer a privilege reserved exclusively for the well-to-do; it has become an affordable luxury at Smart and Light. Mohamed Khatiri, top athlete and winner of several medals in France, offers his professionalism and expertise in physical and mental training. With his charisma, sense of humor and kindness, he is the perfect trainer; one who combines respectful interest for your concerns with the encouragement you need to go the extra mile.

We cannot win the weight loss game when the body and mind are not in perfect alignment. The gentle initiation to exercise program offered at Smart and Light helps you meet this essential condition.

Unlike many exercise programs, which preach “No pain, no gain”, nothing in the Smart and Light program is done in suffering or in pain, but with calm, serenity, and good humor. Everyone advances at their own pace under the watchful guidance of our coach.

In just a few sessions, our participants find they have better control of their bodies, greater vitality, increased muscle tone and a renewed zest for life; elements which are essential to the smooth operation of any exercise program.

Taking the time to care for your body is the start of a new way of seeing yourself, one in which you begin to take pride in your appearance.


Participating in the Smart and Light program team with Sophie Reverdi is a great pleasure and a great honor.

My goal in sports coaching is to enable you to take control of your body and regain the ability to move with greater ease. You can obtain significant results by participating in our hour-long one-on-one sessions which include simple exercises designed to improve breathing, muscle tone, and range of motion. It is always a pleasure to accompany each and every one of you in your personal transformation.

Thanks to the invaluable advice of Sophie Reverdi, our participants experience a significant weight loss in the first two weeks, thus setting the stage for them to make excellent progress in reaching their fitness goals. The workouts take place in the morning at the Smart and Light fitness center in an environment that is both joyful and serious.  By exercising to the beat of a lively music score early in the day, we radiate positive energy for the rest of the day.  Opportunities also exist for those who wish to have private workout sessions at home or at a schedule better adapted to suit your needs.

 An intelligent exercise program is an important element of the Smart and Light program, along with certain behavior and lifestyle advice given by Sophie. The mistake so many of us make is to believe that exercise can do it all when it comes to weight loss, and this is just plain wrong. How many of us say, “Oh no! I gained weight! I have to go to the gym and work it off.” As a former top athlete, I can vouch for the fact that only a healthy diet will set the stage for rapid and substantial weight loss. A good dose of patience is also necessary to the cause.  By being in tune with our bodies, we can accelerate the process and never feel the urge to give up.

The forgotten body…

When we gain a lot of weight, we generally do not use our bodies in the same easy manner, some movements are not even accessible to us any longer because they have become too difficult. Even individuals who were at one time quite athletic may end up abandoning exercise altogether once their body mass becomes large enough. They wind up letting themselves go and ignoring the body which becomes a forgotten part of their existence.

At Smart and Light, our goal is to help you rediscover your body and to learn to love it, and yourself, unconditionally. The magic of the Smart and Light program is that we account for the limits of our participants in a moral, culinary and physical sense. We address all issues in a way that pleases the senses.

What distinguishes Smart and Light from every other weight loss program is that we have infused a magical dimension of freedom into all aspects of the method. The inventor of the program, Sophie Reverdi, is warm, responsive and always ready to lend an ear. She is passionate about helping others and has incorporated into her method all the ingredients that are missing from most weight loss plans.

Start moving again, slowly…

Our gentle introduction to a regular exercise routine could be called, “Rediscovering our Bodies”. It is a sensible program in which we slowly put our bodies into motion, giving them life and energy once more, so that, in the end, we have the desire to go even further.

Classes held at the Smart and Light Center, like all other aspects of the program, are fully customized. This allows us to invest however much time it takes with each of our participants, to provide comfort, serenity, a specific framework in which to work, and personal encouragement that can only be obtained when working one-on-one in our safe, padded sports center.

Physical Potential Rises from the Ashes

Through these workouts, you rediscover your body’s potential and you learn to enjoy moving; the first element of our earthly journey and a symbol of freedom, independence, and of life itself, period.

I’d be delighted to work with you in this re-introduction to exercise to help restore your radiant energy, enhance your vitality, and alleviate stress.   I am confident that this exercise program will help you unwind, laugh, and have a good time.

Guiding you on your journey for two months

Since this exercise program is part of your learning curve, we ask that you participate in these sessions under our guidance for a period of two months. This will solidify your skills and understanding of how the program works. We teach you how to regain control of your body and incorporate exercise into your daily routine so that you may, thereafter, practice these exercises at home, on your own.

During this important period of physical and mental transformation, I am there to support and guide you through the physical part which we undertake together.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly your body adapts, becomes more supple and builds a muscle mass that is more appropriate for your frame.

I offer a range of support options, adapted to your wishes and availability.  You can choose between two options: either 12 or 24 sessions over a period of two months, a very good start towards incorporating exercise into your daily life. You have the choice of either doing these sessions at the Smart and Light gym, and then walk in the Trocadero gardens just a few steps from here, or I can come to your home and work with there. For best results, the important thing is to create a program that suits your schedule, but allows you to be consistent in following the weekly sessions.

During the last two years, I’ve seen many physical transformations, and it’s been good for me because I had to lose a few pounds, as well.

Smart and Light is a new way of life, but mostly an attitude, the right attitude.

Together, we will achieve all the goals that you have set. But remember, you are the change that you have always dreamed of.

Mohamed Khatiri