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The Smart and Light Logbook60 Days to a Brand New You

The Smart and Light Logbook is your companion for a transformational, 60-day journey toward a new and vibrant way of life. Everything has been prepared to guide the reader through each stage of the process; from instilling healthy eating habits to the day-to-day organization of this new way of life, including shopping tips, healthy menus, delicious recipes, and advice to help make the transition as easy as possible.
But the Logbook also offers other useful information, such as techniques to help you keep your motivation at the highest level, a handy reference guide explaining how the metabolic system and the brain function, the basic rules of a sensible eating plan, and tips and tricks to improve your state of well-being on the road to self-improvement.

Written in Collaboration with Experts on Obesity

The Smart and Light Logbook was written by Sophie Reverdi, who fought her own private battle against obesity. In it, she tells the story of her life as an obese child, her growing awareness of the condition, and most important, the methods she used in order to lose the excess weight and heal herself. The Logbook was written in collaboration with international experts on the subject of obesity, including professors in the fields of nutrition and diabetology, obesity researchers, dieticians, and life coaches specializing in weight issues. Other contributors to the work include culinary professionals with a thorough knowledge of gastronomic light cuisine.

An Innovative New Program which Encourages you to Take Control

The right-hand side of the Logbook encourages the reader to examine his own personal situation and how obesity has affected his life circumstances. The reader is encouraged to journal his thoughts and feelings as well as noting any goals or milestones he may have reached in his own weight-loss journey. The idea is to establish a habit of sober reflection on a daily basis and, once a week, to look back on the previous week’s accomplishments. This exercise allows the reader to become a player in and take responsibility for his own transformational journey.
This section becomes a tangible record of the reader’s personal healing process.

The Tools you Need to Take Charge of your Life

On the left side, the reader will have access to many things, including Sophie Reverdi’s testimonial. Through her own personal account, Sophie encourages the reader to react simultaneously and efficiently. The primary objective of the Logbook is to inspire individuals who are carrying excess weight to take responsibility for their problems, which are often caused by their own negative behavior patterns, and thus gain control of their lives. The reader is encouraged to be proactive when faced with difficult life circumstances, to understand how our minds and bodies work, and to examine what other options are available to them in times of crisis besides reaching into the cookie jar. The second goal of the Logbook is to provide the reader with helpful tips designed to support them achieve their weight-loss goals so that there’s no excuse not to start the program.

The Smart and Light Logbook is based on an innovative method developed by Dr. Albert Chocron, a prominent nutritionist, who has been healing renowned personalities in the political and artistic sphere at his office in Paris for over 20 years. The modern techniques developed by Dr. Chocron allow patients to eat certain foods in unlimited quantities as long as they appear on his carefully compiled list of “allowable foods”. These foods have been incorporated into colorful, delicious, and easy-to-prepare recipes developed by Laurence Mery, an expert in “light gourmet cuisine”.

Other tips, behavioral in nature, will inspire readers to suppress their negative attitudes about themselves and guide them, through the practice of simple, meditative exercises, to place themselves in a positive and more relaxed state of mind. Finally, the Logbook contains practical advice to help the reader develop a more loving relationship with their body, to value it and take care of it every day, and in this way improve their physical and mental well-being and their quality of life.

The Smart and Light Logbook is unique, in the way it functions, in its content and in the way it is used.

Statistically speaking, the startling rise in the number of cases of obesity are such that the WHO has begun calling it “the first non-contagious epidemic in the history of humanity.“
Therefore, it is urgent that we take steps to counter this debilitating condition on an individual, familial, and societal level.
The Smart and Light Logbook helps to do just that through the use of an attractive, yet effective, method on an individual level; one which can be easily carried over for use as a family model, which is important because home is where food education and eating habits start.

The specialists of the medical world that participated in this book are:
Professor Khemais Nagati, International Chairman of Obesity and Diabetes, President of the Scientific Committee of the National Institute of Nutrition in Tunis, and president of many associations and scientific committees around the world.
Doctor Albert Chocron, nutritionist in Paris, President of the Scientific Committee of Nutrition in Morocco.