Following a diet is a test in every sense of the word, because:

– We have to get back into the same old pattern, one which hasn’t worked for us so far, and we always have to go back to the starting line.

– We have to make many sacrifices in our daily lives.

– We have to change our habits for more austere ones and our happy-go-lucky attitudes for a new reality that deprives us of all the things we enjoy.

– Shopping becomes more complicated and we actually have to cook, whereas before pizzas and sandwiches made our lives so much easier.

– We have to limit ourselves to the foods that are allowed on our latest “miracle diet” and follow specific and complicated dietary advice, generally from some fit trainer who has never endured the trials of being overweight or suffered through a restrictive diet; someone who has no respect for us other than to tell us in general when you’re naked on the scales, “oh yes, we must do something there” and afterwards, gives us a list of homework assignments, overall quite discouraging.

– We have to give up all the good things: nights out, freedom to eat what we want, dinners with friends, drinking parties, birthdays, weddings, family get-togethers, weekends, vacations …

– We have to measure portions and weigh our bland, tasteless food prepared without seasonings, color or flavorings.

– We have to endure the frustration of finding ourselves alone in front of a refrigerator stuffed with dull, boring foods like carrots and leeks.

– We get hungry but are sick and tired of eating food that tastes like cardboard.

– We feel tired, angry, and frustrated with our lives and with ourselves.

– We have to return to the gym in shame and pay for yet another membership that will likely never get used more than a couple of times.

– We’re left to our own devices and have to tell ourselves that, once again, we will have to face the same old struggles, false hopes and fear of failure.

– We feel alone and lost, except for those old demons that are still with us, repeating the same dreadful stories: “This time is no different, you’re going to fail, you’re no good for anything but stuffing your face, you know…”

– We have to confront the rude stares and comments of those around us who unwittingly make our journey more difficult. “Oh? You’re on a diet again? Hope it works out better than the last one… hahaha, sure, you have the will power, if you say so”.

For the last twelve years, hundreds of you have come to me for help. Out of those, I would say that only 5% came to see me without trying other diet plans. Some have even told me, “I must have lost at least a thousand pounds in my life with all the diets I’ve followed!” This statement is very evocative of reality.

Most of us follow the same chaotic path, and all of us have already tried all kinds of weight loss diets. Our series of failures, our despair to finally find the method or miracle product that will work, makes us excellent guinea pigs and easy prey for all these miraculous diets.

I’ve been there. First, I would try them, then I’d get hooked, I’d put all my hopes into each one, until the “compulsory stall” that awaits us from one day to the next, because we can’t take it any more … Yes, I know what I’m talking about.

Because of these successive failures, I gained even more weight. I lost my dignity, my self-esteem and all faith in these barbaric, unrealistic and ineffective weight-loss systems.

On the plus side, all these failures gave me an obsessive desire to do things differently. I made the decision to transform all the limitations into freedoms, all the suffering into pleasure, all the frustrations into triumphs, all the obstacles into life tools.

Unlike other weight loss diets, Smart and Light is designed with a view to help you gain control of your life, to motivate you and take you to your destination, safely. With no constraints, no drugs, no meal replacements, or dangerous and ineffective miracle products, the Smart and Light system provides all the tools you need to achieve your weight-loss goal on your own.

With Smart and Light, there’s no need to give up your social life or radically change your lifestyle to lose those extra pounds; you do it through self-control, will power, common sense and intuition. If 1,500 people, from children to seniors, have managed to change their lifestyles for the better with Smart and Light, why not you?


Losing weight without dieting is possible if we take the trouble to go back to the roots of what we are and gain a new understanding of what made us fat in the first place.

What are we? We are of the species homo sapiens, descendants of the great apes, which appeared on earth about 7 million years ago. Homo sapiens evolved into “modern man”, a species which has been walking the earth for about 2.5 million years. For most of this time, we survived as hunter-gatherers with a diet consisting mainly of raw foods: fruits, vegetables, game, meat, fish, and fibrous plants.

Then, about 10 000 years ago, we gave up our nomadic lifestyle and settled in fertile valleys to raise crops and livestock. This led to a greater consumption of fatty meats and milled cereals.
With the relatively recent expansion of agribusiness, unscrupulous, profit-oriented corporations, in an effort to increase their bottom lines, began poisoning us as well as our food supply, thereby causing an actual genetic mutation of our species into an obese, lethargic humanity.

If, in the past, we were not eating processed food products and were not obese, why are we today? Our ancestors would eat their fill and food was within reach. Granted, their daily lives included much more physical activity, but they ate what they wanted, without limit, except for those imposed by drought or poor hunting and fishing.

Today, our modern societies do not suffer from food shortages. Everything is available, even junk food, and in such large quantities that we are tempted toward overconsumption.
The food industry inundates us with highly processed “food” products that do not correspond to our needs, let alone to our genetic heritage.

The Smart and Light program can help you become what “you” really are and what “you” have always been.

Through our behavioral, culinary and physical coaching workshops, we take a step back in time and learn again through:

Behavioral Coaching, in which we begin to:

– Know, understand and accept ourselves as a man, woman or child;

– Recognize and identify the problems of overweight or obesity with which we live, and to accept them so that we may heal;

– Understand the way that our bodies and our minds work;

– Understand the ins and outs of weight gain;

– Accept certain truths regarding overweight and obesity;

– Take control of and redirect our impulses, our desires, our fears, our phobias, our dreams, and our obsessions;

– Learn how to break free of preconceived ideas which limit us with respect to others and to ourselves;

– Feel the strength within ourselves, learn to live in harmony with what we are and to refocus;

– Get centered;

– Identify different aspects of our personalities, our strengths and weaknesses, and learn to either use them to our advantage or change them for others that serve us better;

– Send more positive messages to our brains, and change our “beliefs”;

– Believe once again in our innate power to change, grow, and evolve;

– Master different aspects of our lives, and successfully identify the manner in which we face up to difficulties: failures, break-ups, and grief as well as how we manage change: in our marriages, in our work, in our relationships, and in our role as parents;

– Take our rightful place in our families, our relationships, and our professional and social environment;

– Reconnect with our purpose in life, for we all have one, and we must try and remember to focus on the meaning of our earthly journey;

– Examine the way we see the world and our place in it, our lives, our priorities, our desires, and our ambitions;

– Understand the importance of devoting time to ourselves in order to attain optimum moral and physical well-being;

– Reconnect with our true selves, and not pretend to be something we’re not; to better accept what we truly are;

– Develop a strategy for our daily lives by adopting a constructive and intelligent attitude;

– Know exactly what our goals are, to recognize the person you wish to become, as well as the one who you no longer wish to be;

– Ascertain the impact that this change, which we hope will be for the better, will have on our lives, our environment, our work and especially on our spouses and our children;

– Make concrete life changes towards a path of transformation on all levels.

Culinary Coaching, in which we learn to:

– Make healthy foods that correspond to our physiology;

– Acquire new tastes and discover the flavors of traditional foods;

– Enjoy better quality ingredients;

– Make use of fresh, wholesome ingredients, organic whenever possible;

– Discover the secrets of a healthy, fine cuisine – it’s easier than you think;

– Prepare meals according to our tastes and our traditions, but with healthier products;

– Buy the best products on the market or through ethical breeding and slaughter industries which provide a greater traceability of the life course of the animals we eat. (Eating the flesh of abused, malnourished animals which are then brutally slaughtered, is to swallow their suffering);

– Avoid toxic, processed products that our bodies cannot tolerate;

– Adopt new ways of cooking which substitute healthier fats for the ones that are usually used;

– Substitute new, natural sweeteners in drinks and desserts instead of sugar or the very dangerous chemical aspartame;

– Rediscover the countless varieties of vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs, condiments, spices, and all manner of wonderful foods items that are within our reach;

– Choose the best meats, fish, and seafood, and new ways of cooking them;

– Prepare food in advance: cook large batches, store and freeze meals for the week, and keep the fridge organized;

– Make our flagship recipes, a great help on your road to success;

– Prepare healthy snacks that you can nibble on all day;

– Entertain your friends with snacks, fabulous desserts, and light cocktails that will brighten any dinner;

– Eat out, either at restaurants or at a friend’s home;

– Cook with love and joy for yourself and those who are dear to you;

– Find the right moves and develop good habits such that you will never again be tempted by unhealthy fats and harmful foods which damage our bodies as well as our minds.

Physical Coaching, in which we learn to:

– Move our bodies once again, rediscovering the need to move that was no longer a part of our lives, and to break out of our immobility to move forward and live again;

– Understand our body, our muscles, our members, our stature and size, in short, to gain a better comprehension of this powerful tool and land vehicle in which we live;

– Regain the flexibility and the energy which motivates us to persevere and move beyond those first aches and pains;

– Take back the desire to care for this swollen body that we’ve been neglecting because of our weight gain and our sedentary lifestyles;

– Get passionate about moving around outside in order to reconnect with our bodies and with nature at the same time;

– See our body morph throughout each session and through the entire program;

– Feel more vitality, greater endurance, and enhanced well-being;

– Reconnect with this body that is and remains our best ally and to live in harmony with it;

– Relieve stress, and find joy in moving and pushing our limits;

– Develop better muscle tone and a more pleasing shape, one that is both firmer and younger-looking;

– Find balance and serenity in expending energy, such that the days are no longer a source of stress, but filled with true happiness.